User research, creativity, and technicity gathered to define the best of all possible products.

Our ambition is to concieve the best possible product or service.

To do so, at Spicy Life's, we gather three groups of skills for each project:

The UX researchers bring their sharp knowledge of the use contexts, elements of use experience strategy, business and project holder issues.

The designers propose rich, elegant and innovative solutions, resulting from the numerous project definition constraints brought by the UX researchers and the technicians.
Designers are a big family, comprising specialists for graphics, interaction, information structure and display.

As soon as possible, the technical profiles join the conception team. The profiles of these involved specialists are closely related to the project scope (software, application, space transformation, physical product...).
At this stage, these technical expertises are used to guarantee the project feasability, at the most rational production cost.


Global Design

Spicy Life has a global glance on the use issues, for the best solutions are not always limited to a specific field of skills.

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Service Design

Provide more useful, more efficient, more seductive services to your users.

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Digital Design

Useful, seductive, and so intuitive applications.

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Space Design

Transforming space to assign a better quality of use.

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Content & Visual Design

Your product or service should behave as a human to your users. To do so, a true personality should be defined to give life to your service.

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