Service Design

Service design lies in the heart of Spicy Life.
All our approaches tend to make your services more useful, more efficient, more seductive.

Service Design is a common factor to many approaches employed at Spicy Life.

We work the usefulness by studying the contexts of use, way before and after the actual uses of your services. We thus identify innovation of use leverages, useful and differentiating new features.

We work the efficiency by simplifying systems and processes, by making them faster, easier to understand and to learn.

We work the seduction by making touchpoints more attractive, by eliciting positive emotion, by motivating users, by using gamification techniques.

Thus, your solutions get differenciated from your potential competitors. Your users will develop a strong attachment toward your brand or your services, the resistance to change will be limited.


Capitalizing all the rich knowledge acquired about your users can sometimes be slightly tricky. A persona is an attractive and synthetic medium to make a user profile more readable, and then facilitate the processes of empathic design, the emotional design strategies, and the products assessment.Read more

Ux map

UX mapping is a way to develop global use cases. We detail the motivations of the users, their touchpoints with your product or your brand, their effective actions and interactions, their questions, their thoughts, their feelings. The UX maps deliver new relevant solutions or new ways to touch and interact with your customers.

Mockups & prototypes

The form of the mockups and prototypes vary much according to the targeted domains: printed documents, displays, models, wireframes, or even Lego roleplays... They are all intended for testing purpose; They provide qualitative and quantitative assessment to assess and ensure the quality of the designed services.