Digital Design

Useful, seductive, so easy and intuitive applications.
An integration of the development phases for a rationalized cost.

Application design is constantly enriched with new issues: touch interactions, responsive display, offline storage, single page application paradigm, secure protocols, animation and transition effects...

Therefore, a particularly rigorous methodology is required to optimize the development phases, by using the most effective technologies at a controlled cost.

With Spicy Life, our ergonomists and designers devote much time to conceptualize and test prototypes toward users, even before writing the first line of code.
If you have technical knowledge or a long experience of developing a pre-existing software, these benefits can fully articulate with your existing teams.

We combine rigorous approaches from UX psychology, and creative design approaches to define a pxiel-perfect application.

Spicy Life can also directly support the development of web applications. This approach optimizes the cost of development by integrating the development phases to the design process.
Selected according to their specialty, technicians get involved as soon as the concept phase to optimize the balance ergonomic specifications / development cost.
For example, in our recent projects, we used server frameworks such as Django, Laravel, but also Foundation and Materialize for client side integration, or more specific tools such as Rafael to interact with SVG or Leaflet to interact with OpenStreetMap. Our web projects are of course responsive, mobile-first, and we support the publication of application for iOS and Android.

Finally, we take great care of the users' protection, especially to control private information spreading and third-party cookies management.

Information Architecture

We define an intuitive organization of the application to facilitate the localization, the learning, the discovering of features. We study categorization, labels, navigation systems, data referencing structure, metadata.

Interaction design

Our user reserarchers and interaction designers work at providing a consistant, intuitive and attractive use experience.
We develop engaging and fun experiences in accordance with emotional design and gamification approaches.

Responsive integration

The proportion of mobility uses is constantly growing, prevailing for certain activities. Your application must be compatible with a large variety of screens, rezolutions, and contexts of use.


We build up prototypes as soon as possible to have testing version at disposal. These mockups facilitate assessment of design, adjustments and decision-making for the interface layout and items.


We select the technologies, the coding languages and the development frameworks matching the specificities of your project. Our experts constantly monitor technological development in order to turn advantage of the latest technical advances.


We pay a special attention to the respect of the accessibility norms and guidelines. We check the compatibility of our digital products, especially for visual impaired people.

Legal Expertise

Legal issues are more and more important for digital activities: personal data and privacy, responsabilities spread, commercial laws... Our lawyer checks the legal feasability of the projects and identifies the required settings