Global Design

Spicy Life is a global design agency.
We have a global glance on the use issues.
For the best solutions for your users are not always limited to a specific field of skills.

Spicy Life designs products and services to closely match the real needs of your users.

Sometimes, an only field of skills will fully answer the problematics.

Sometimes, plurisciplinary solutions have to be considered to propose an optimal solution to the use needs.
For example, a best reception of the public may combine an application redesign for the appointments management, a better organization of the reception team and their customers-relations, a transformation of the reception spaces to increase the value of the waiting time.

For the project holder, the range of the issues to solve is not always clear, all the more when solutions to identify must be both effective and differentiating.

Spicy Life initiates its projects by a fine analysis of the user needs, driving to innovative and relevant proposals.
We then identify the required specialties. A pluridisciplinary team is specifically gathered for each project.
We can thus combine the approaches of numerous domains to propose an optimal, global solution.

You will get innovative pluridisciplinary proposals perfectly matching the users needs.

Several disciplines for a global design:

Service Design

Provide more useful, more efficient, more seductive services to your users.

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Digital Design

Useful, seductive, and so intuitive applications.

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Space Design

Transforming space to assign a better quality of use.

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Content & Visual Design

Your product or service should behave as a human to your users. To do so, a true personality should be defined to give life to your service.

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