UX Research & Strategy

Identify the emerging and existing needs.
Assess the user experience.
Envision useful intuitive and engaging services.

Human-centered approaches are the core of the Spicy Life design processes.

By precisely studying the specificities and the needs of your users, we identify every features of the products and services which would fit perfectly.

To answer users needs is essential, but it's not enough. At Spicy Life's, we work at developing experiences eliciting pleasure and engagement:
The pleasure of a simple, clear, effective product or service; The pleasure of a nice, attractive and seductive product; The pleasure to come back and meet this experience again.

Doing so, this is all your brand and your image which gain value. By adopting a clear user experience strategy, consistent with all your services, et matching your users, you are going to revolutionize your offer.

Spicy Life defines useful, pleasant, and seductive, medium for a lasting emotional attachement toward your service and your brand.

Service Strategy

Spicy Life identifies the users expectations, the latent or emerging needs. We help you define the development axis to better shape your products and services toward the user needs.

UX Assessment

Spicy Life evaluates the usefulness and the ease of use of your products and services. We measure the satisfaction and the emotional engagement of your users.

UX Envision

Spicy Life characterizes the ideal features of the products and services. This vision crystallizes the issues and the objectives of use, guiding the design phases for all our projects.