An integration of the production phases
to speed up the time to market, lower the costs, and assure the final product quality.

By integrating the production in our service offer, we constantly improve the product definition.
Iterative cycles allow continuous project testings, from the early prototypes until the final version.

Besides, the presence of technical specialists since the very first stages of the conception introduce guarantees of technical feasability. We rely on a wide network of independant specialists in order to form the most effective production team, gathering expert talents for the most specific requirements of your project.

Thanks to this integration of the realization, exchanges between designers and technicians are constant. Whereas the traditional approaches divide functional analysts, designers, and technicians, we chose at Spicy Life to integrate the production phases in order to optimize the intervention of specialiazed profiles, to speed up the time to market, and to guarantee the optimal quality of the product.

Quality management

Technical feasability is studied since the design phase to ensure an optimal compatibility with the realization process.
Tests are performed at each important milestone.
At Spicy Life's, user researchers and designers manage and support the technical teams to assure the expected quality of the use experience.

Time and resources management

Production is organized into iterative cycles to constantly monitor the progress and the resources consumption. Also, this iterative production can extand the design phase during the realization process in accordance with the agility principles.